Question: What is the worst Christmas gift you have ever received?

 Emma Wilson (Senior, National Security and Foreign Intelligence & Spanish): "Somebody once got me a jar of maraschino cherries"

Jake Nees (Senior, Criminal Justice): "I would probably have to say a funny pair of socks, I think those are pretty weird"

Joe Mertens (Junior, Integrated Media & Sports Business): "When I was younger my aunt got me this life size mannequin of Anderson Varajo because I loved the Cavs and I was a huge fan of the player"

Steven Scott (Senior, Early Childhood Education): "Before I went to college my godmother gave me a 24 pack of condoms and I was honestly very weirded out"

Taryn Kocher (Junior): "I got a boot rack"

Alec Zdesar (Senior): "I have gotten the typical stuff that you get from people, but I would definitely say getting underwear and socks from my grandma would be the weirdest gift"

Robbie Suffron (Junior): "The weirdest gift I ever got would have got to be when I got toilet golf from my grandmother"

Tommy Wines (Junior): "When my grandma got me just an orange as a gift, I definitely did not expect it and it was weird"

Gunner Maher (Junior, Engineering): "My grandma gave me a single key chain that had nothing to do with me or didn’t come with anything else"

Andrew Murdy (Sophomore): "A panini maker"


Question: How old were you when you received this gift?

Emma Wilson (Senior, National Security and Foreign Intelligence & Spanish): "I was 14 years old when I received this gift"

Jake Nees (Senior, Criminal Justice): "I don’t know exactly, but I would have to say either 10 or 12 years old"

Joe Mertens (Junior, Integrated Media & Sports Business): "I think that I was 7 years old, I do not remember exactly though"

Steven Scott (Senior, Early Childhood Education): "I was 18 years old"

Taryn Kocher (Junior): "I was 19 years old"

Alec Zdesar: "I was 10 years old"

Robbie Suffron (Junior): "I was 17 years old"

Tommy Wines (Junior): "12 years old"

Gunner Maher (Junior, Engineering): "14 years old"

Andrew Murdy (Sophomore): "16 years old"

Question: How did you react when you received this gift?

Emma Wilson: "I did the typical fake excitement saying “oh my gosh thank you so much” because my mom said I could never react in a weird way when I received gifts from people"

Jake Nees: "I definitely did a fake reaction, I thought the gift was weird but I told the person who gave it to me “oh I love them so much”"

Joe Mertens (Junior, Integrated Media & Sports Business): "I was actually very excited for this gift, I was a huge fan of the player and the cavs, so when I got the gift I was very happy"

Steven Scott (Senior, Early Childhood Education): "It was something that I didn’t expect but it was funny so I laughed really hard"

Taryn Kocher (Junior): "I did the typical fake reaction and showed excitement when I got the gift"

Alec Zdesar (Senior): "I acted like the typical spoiled kid and was angry because I wanted pokemon cards"

 Robbie Suffron (Junior): "When I first saw the gift I jokingly started to laugh, and then went on with the joke and said I was gonna try it out and I ran to the bathroom with the gift, but I never tried it out"

 Tommy Wines (Junior): "I was very confused and I definitely couldn’t hide it so my grandma knew I was confused"

Gunner Maher (Junior, Engineering): "I thought the gift was weird, but I said thank you and that I really wanted the key chain"

Andrew Murdy (Sophomore): "I was actually very happy with this gift, I did think it was weird and out of nowhere, but I was definitely happy with the gift"

Question: What did you do with the gift?

Emma Wilson: "I ended up eating them because I love cherries, when I was younger I especially loved the strawberry daiquiri, so I ate the cherries pretty quickly"

Jake Nees: "I definitely threw them right away"

Joe Mertens: "We kept it in our basement where we hung out, but our basement sadly flooded later and we ended up losing the maequin"

 Steven Scott (Senior, Early Childhood Education): "I ended up blowing them up with some of my fraternity brothers and putting them in peoples rooms while they were asleep"

Taryn Kocher: "I actually kept it and went out and bought boots so I could use the boot rack"

Alec Zdesar (Senior): "I was forced to act nice about the gift so I wore them, but its underwear so I wore them"

Robbie Suffron (Junior): "Right now it is currently sitting behind you in the closet in my room unopened"

 Tommy Wines (Junior): "Well, it’s an orange so I ate it haha"

Gunner Maher (Junior, Engineering): "I really don’t know, but I’m pretty sure its stuffed in a drawer back home"

Andrew Murdy (Sophomore): "I kept it and I used it all of winter break, I loved to use it and make panini’s"

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