Question: Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Rosie Miranda Marin (Senior, Japanese):"Yes, we do even though my family is Puerto Rican we do believe in giving thanks for what we have and you know embracing those American values. You know family time."

Aaron Wank (Senior, Computer Science): "Yes."

Sam Fransman (Freshman, Integrated Media): "Yeah, we celebrate Thanksgiving!"  

Patrick Borchert (Freshman, Physics): "Yes." 

Question: Do you travel to festivities?

Rosie Miranda Marin (Senior, Japanese): "It’s mainly just my immediate family since everyone else is back on the island so we just stay in Ohio. And my sister lives over seas so It’s usually just my parents and me and my brother if we’re lucky."

Aaron Wank (Senior, Computer Science): "I head up to Cleveland to see my family members and my grandparents travel to my mom’s house because she cooks thanksgiving, that’s her holiday."

Sam Fransman (Freshman, Integrated Media): "No, it’s just immediate family, just my mom and dad and then we’ll also have my grand mom come over as well because she typically lives with us."

Patrick Borchert (Freshman, Physics): "No, well, we use to travel to a place called roaming rock. We no longer do that. It’s now I go to one of my grandmother places."

QuestionDo you have any drunk aunts or uncles at Thanksgiving?

Rosie Miranda Marin (Senior, Japanese): "No."

Aaron Wank (Senior, Computer Science): "Uh yeah, my uncle Eddy. He’s always trying to get in the yard and play football with the little kids."

Sam Fransman (Freshman, Integrated Media): "Hahahah, I don’t know because they’re all in Arizona but not that comes over to my family, no."

Patrick Borchert (Freshman, Physics): "I had my uncle get drunk once and have him talk about how global warming is a conspiracy theory to sell light bulbs."

QuestionDo you have any funny stories from a past family Thanksgiving?

Rosie Miranda Marin (Senior, Japanese): "I guess one time when my brother brought home one of his girlfriends to try some traditional Puerto Rican food, well let’s just say he didn’t have a girlfriend after that." 

Aaron Wank (Senior, Computer Science): "Well two thanksgivings ago both my brothers got in a fight in the living room at my mother’s house and my aunt smacked them with a spatula." 

Sam Fransman (Freshman, Integrated Media): "Yes, whenever I did have extended family that one time; my uncle Mike, aunt Caroline, there was my cousin Ryan and James and it was jam packed, and our table only seats 4 people, so it was funny trying to get everyone in the living room eating on TV trays for thanksgiving."

Patrick Borchert (Freshman, Physics): "Uh I almost drove in to the garage one year. I was three and I got in to my mom’s car and tried to drive in to the garage. I was found actually backing in to the garage door across the street haha."

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