Natasha Green

QUESTION: What is in your personal opinion classified as too personal or counts as oversharing on social media?

Brooke Powell (Senior, History and English): "I don’t want to know about other people's sex life or your bathroom habits. If you peed for 20 minutes, I don’t care."

Natasha Green (Sophomore, Exercise Science) : "When someone posts a "rant" that doesn't fully explain the situation. It  only draws unnecessary attention and leads people to start rumors."

Max Williams: "I feel like any content that is considered socially inappropriate is over sharing. Not only that, but things like people posting what they had for lunch I consider over sharing as well."

QUESTION: What is the one most embarrassing thing you shared on any social media?

Max Williams: "I think the most embarrassing thing I've shared on social media wasn't just one thing. I remember getting a "memories"  notification on facebook and looking at things I posted 5-6 years ago in middle school, and it was basically me just complaining about homework at midnight every night."


QUESTION: What is the one thing that you hope that people would stop sharing on any social media accounts?

Brooke Powell (Senior, History and English): "Stop Sharing Dumb life hacks. They are not helpful They are time consuming and waste of time."

Did You Know?

“Social media usage has increased nationally by almost 1000 percent in eight years for people between 18 and 29, according to findings from the Pew Research Center. More than 98 percent of college-aged students use social media,on college campuses uses social media.” College students are using social media most of the time.  As well college students feel “the need to belong is individuals’ innate motivation to connect with others to feel belongingness and desire to be loved and be part of social groups” (Kim, Wang, Oh, p.264). That is why college students are motivated to be on social media to be part of a socialization group that was created by social media.

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