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Many will remember that back in the fall of 2020 there were quite a few break ins on campus.  

Things were taken from student’s cars such as moneyelectronics, and even sketch books. There was even an entire car stolen at one point.  

An outcry by students in addition to an original article by Brady Pierce on the Theft and Damages caused a petition to be raised for on-campus security cameras in the parking lots. However, after a few weeks with no break-ins, the petition was dropped and normal activity resumed. There have just been new reports of more violent break ins in the residential areas along South Union Avenue just yesterday 

Thieves are now crawling underneath cars in the night to steal catalytic converters from the car itself. I sat down with one of the victims, a Mount Union senior named Natalie Fry, to hear about the ordeal. She spoke about how when she went out to drive her car to work around 8 am on February 4th that it was revving way too high and sounded like a race car. She is luckily knowledgeable enough about cars that she was able to switch her car into manual and get it to the nearest shop. When she was there, the shop told her that the catalytic converter had clearly been cut out and it would need replacing. The CC on her car was sellable for up to 400$, but some got up to $600.  

After getting it to the shop, Fry contacted Campus Security who had her come in and make a statement and then move through the Alliance Police Department. During that process they informed Fry that she was the fourth person so far to have the CC cut out of their car. When I asked Fry if she had a statement about the overall situation she said, 

 “My hope from this is that the school learns that we need cameras to be able to protect students and find out who is doing this so the student doesn’t have to pay [for their cars].”  

In addition to sitting down with Fry, I reached out to Campus Security, and they are yet unable to comment on the active case 

If you know anything else that may be of help, please contact Campus Security at (330)428-1344, or the Alliance Police Department at (330)821-9140. As always, keep checking back in with The Dynamo to stay updated on how to situation is unfolding.  

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