Early Monday morning, the University of Mount Union sent a campus-wide email which detailed a bi-weekly itinerary of daily “wake-up calls” in honor of Black History Month. 

Each day of the week is labeled as a historical lesson and contains links and information to learn more about black history. Monday’s lesson is labeled “Race, Colonialism, and Slavery Part 1”. Within, a PBS YouTube episode titled, “The Origins of Race in the USA”, was attached to the email. Here, students can learn about the distinction between early understandings of race and the categorizing of ethnic groups. On Tuesday, a part two to the history of race and colonialism is provided with three links to YouTube videos that further explain the roots of American slavery.  

Wednesday deals with the Jim Crow Era and provides a link to where an article details topics such as black codes, the Ku Klux Klan, the expansion of Jim Crow laws and more. Thursday’s wake-up call sheds light on institutional racism while providing a link to a 17-minute YouTube video that outlines the problems that black Americans have dealt with and continue to deal with throughout the centuries on an institutional basis. Friday’s instruction includes a quiz that asks students questions from the week’s activities. The chance to win a hoodie from the UMU Bookstore is available to those who enter and complete the quiz.  

The chain continues into next week where various scheduled events will be held throughout campus. On February 11, there will be a chapel service that will also be available virtually. Following on February 12 and 13, there will be a lunch and movie series celebrating black history. Check your student email for times and locations.  

Check back to the Dynamo regularly for news and stories alike. 

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