It is always nice to know that the people in your life care about you– especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day. 

 Everyone has a desire to feel loved and appreciated. Obviously, this was on the mind of my good friend and fellow Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) exec. member, Peyton Zamarelli 

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, Zamarelli wanted PRSSA to do something special for senior citizens in the community. Something to show them that they are still loved and cared for even though visitors are not always allowed. This line of thinking led to a very inspiring event.  


“Why don’t we host a philanthropy event where students and some of their friends can come and make Valentine’s cards for seniors in nursing homes?” Zamarelli said.   


Giving back to the community is an integral part of being a student at Mount Union and a public relations student, so of course the rest of the PRSSA executive board (Emily Cooney, Bailey Balderson and myself) loved the idea immediately. Our goal: make 100 cards for the sweet senior citizens living at Auburn Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation in Damascus, Ohio.  


For our small club, we did not know if enough people would show up to help us reach this goal but our fears were quickly abated when a group of 12 smiling (masked) faces appeared in the Newbold Room on Monday night. In just under an hour, over 100 beautiful Valentines were lined up on a table sporting funny captions like “I’d go bananas over you,” “You’re bee-utiful,” “You’re loved so berry much,” “You’ve stolen a pizza my heart” and many other witty remarks. Laughter arose from the group as everyone enjoyed a bit of relaxed conversation while supporting a good cause.  


“It was wonderful to see our organization rally to brighten the holiday for Auburn’s residents!” said PRSSA president, Emily Cooney.  


Hopefully the seniors at Auburn will enjoy reading the cards just as much as PRSSA enjoyed making them.  

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