While most Seniors choose to graduate in the Spring Semester, some find ways to get ahead, enabling them to graduate at the end of a Fall Semester. To those Seniors, Raider Student Media would like to wish a hearty farewell, See you soon, and Best wishes. Remember that you can download the 91.1 WRMU app to keep a little piece of Mount Union with you where ever you go, subscribe to Studio M channel to get some good laughs in when the real world gets tough, and can always check on the Dynamo to keep up with the campus news. 

But there is one Senior that Raider Student Media will miss very dearly: former Administrative Director and current Assistant to the General Manager, Trish Kohut. Trish has been a super active member of the RSM family since joining the organization, going on to help, shoot, edit, and direct Studio M videos, host her own Vinyl centric Radio Show called Into the Grooves” where she spins and shares all her favorite records- you can catch the last episode on Wednesday November 18 at 7 PM on 91.1 WRMU- and has even broken some of the biggest news the campus has seen in recent years working with the UMU Dynamo. She managed to do all this while being in the honors college, playing division III tennis, and running the video board for Purple Raider Football Games. In addition, Trish earned the Ringwald Prize for Communication in 2020, which is awarded to the best academic student in the Department of Communications at the University. 

The mark Trish will leave on Raider Student Media is matched only by the mark she has left on the hearts of all the people she met and interacted with as a member and director, and we are so excited to see the place she will go! 

If you see Trish on campus in the next few weeks, make sure to wish her the best and congratulate her on all her achievements as a Purple Raider! 

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