Although a small liberal arts school, Mount Union’s many majors, minors, clubs, extracurriculars, sports teams, fraternities and sororities provide many opportunities for students to “Be Exceptional”.  


Most recently, a group of junior exercise science majors started a new club to help their fellow students learn more about the graduate school opportunities they have for physical therapy degrees.  


Monique Samrani ‘22, Nick Brown ‘22 and Allie Mitchell ‘22 along with their faculty advisor Dr. Salvatore, the Clinical Director of the Physical Therapy Department at Mount Union, began the Physical Therapy Pre-Professional Club (Pre PT) last fall. Their goal is to help students interested in a variety of graduate degrees for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology or even a physician’s assistant program plan out when to take prerequisite courses during their undergraduate time at UMU. The club also aims to provide their members with guidance for grad school interviews and GRE testing and aims to give them the opportunity to learn about Mount Union’s PT program by speaking with students currently enrolled in it.  


The executive board of the Physical Therapy Pre-Professional Club is very passionate about helping their fellow students along this path. This semester, they plan to invite an actively practicing physical therapist to meet and talk with students about the field. They also hope to recruit more members and raise awareness about their club through a table event outside the Cafeteria on March 9 with some really great prizes.     


“Membership is open to anyone with no charge,” says the club’s president, Monique Samrani. “Our members are mostly exercise science majors, but anyone who is working on getting their prerequisites done and is interested in [pursuing] a graduate program for all types of therapy is welcome to join us at our monthly meetings.”   


Monique, a dancer of 15 years and a member of Mount Union’s dance team for two years, always knew she wanted to help people through medicine– especially after two spinal fractures in high school that led her to discover the world of physical therapy.  


“I had such a great connection with my therapist and felt like he really cared about making sure I got better. Without my PT therapist, I wouldn’t be back to dancing where I am today. I want to do the same for other people.” 


Monique is not alone. The other executive members have similar stories.  


Nick Brown, Vice President, said, 


I chose PT because I love the human body and learning how and why it works… I’ve been to PT several times for various injuries and each time I came away with a whole new appreciation for the field,”  


Secretary Allie Mitchell stated, 


 “My mom is a nurse, so growing up I always liked hearing her stories and knowing she was helping people. I knew that nursing wasn’t for me, but in high school I started considering PT. Once I began shadowing, I fell in love with the field. I look forward to helping others and having something different to do each day.” 


If you are interested in joining the Physical Therapy Pre-Professional Club, contact Monique Samrani at to learn more. 

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