Santino Diaz-Palma (He/Him/His) is a senior graduating in 2022. He is a double major in Biochemistry and Spanish. Santino is a highly active student on campus as he is part of Alpha Mu Gamma, H.O.L.A., an “ARM (Assistant Resident Manager)” or an Assistant Resident Manager, a student supervisor at UMU’s library, a varsity Esports athlete, presenter for Q&A or a training facilitator and is the community service chair for his fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau.

Regarding his role as the community service chair for PKT, Santino states that he oversees looking for and providing community service opportunities to his brothers. He often works in collaboration with the Regula Center and the Habitat for Humanity to make these projects happen. Looking for community service projects might sound easy, however, Santino must track his brother's volunteer hours. Therefore, without Santino tracking their hours, the PKT brothers would not receive credit for their hard work.

As a UMU alumni, Santino explained that one of his favorite memories from college is his study abroad in Chile. Santino studied abroad as a first-year student and he stated that while on this trip, he loved stargazing at the Atacama Desert. Lastly, Santino stated that he loves a Chilean phrase, "Pura Vida.” Santino explained that this phrase is inspirational to him because it means to take any and every opportunity that is offered to you.

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