Throwback Thursday: New Dress Code Pending Approval

This article was originally published on January 30, 1970

Last October, a subcommittee of Student Life Committee started work on a new dress code. Marla Dammann, chairman of the subcommittee, said, "We studied policies from other colleges in search of one that would be practical for Mount Union.”

This committee submitted a three point plan to Student Life:

1. Casual clothes (slacks, bermudas) to all cafeteria meals.

2. Skirts to family style meals. 

3. Classroom dress left to discretion of faculty members.

But at the All Women's Meeting, Tues., Nov. 18, 1969, a couple of revisions were suggested. As a result, AWS made this recommendation: "Whereas, we as women students of Mount Union College feel that the dress code for women students of Mount Union College should be revised. We recommend that the women students be permitted to wear casual dress (slacks, bermuda shorts) to all classes and meals (except Sunday noon.) We believe that this will in no way hinder the educational atmosphere of Mount Union College, nor will it detract from the women students."

The recommended policy of AWS, which was passed by Student Life at their last meeting, will appear in the catalog as: Mount Union College expects that, in consideration of the rights of others, all students will observe reasonable standards of good taste in the matter of dress in all public areas.

In this connection the following standards should be observed: Attire for Sunday noon dinner shall be skirts or dresses for women, coats for men. Faculty members teaching courses requiring a specialized form of dress for their classes and/or for special class projects may designate other dress.

This policy is pending the approval of President Weber.

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