This fall, the team behind Spooky Science at Beech Creek Botanical Garden in Alliance has brought the world of Harry Potter to life. With the cool autumn season in full swing, opportunities to spend time in the great outdoors are quickly vanishing. This weekend, Beech Creek is offering one last chance to enjoy the gorgeous colors surrounding us. The educational and fun-for-all-ages Spooky Science event takes on a brand-new theme; Harry Potter. 

Those who visit the outdoor nature center get a chance to explore the science behind J.K. Rowling’s famed stories. Guests will first be sorted into their respective Hogwarts House. From there, Beech Creek offers many magical stops along the way. Diagon Alley is open to purchase a magic wand and perfect your spell work, or you can visit Professor Sprout’s greenhouse to build your own Bowtruckle. There are various other Riddikulus” experiment areas for families to get hands-on experience with fun science experiments. 

Of course, with the current pandemic enveloping our everyday lives, Beech Creek has taken guest safety to be a priority. They’ve made an interactive “potion station” where guests can make their own hand sanitizers. Melinda Carmichael, executive director of Beech Creek Gardens, explains that most areas are self-directed to reduce contact between visitors and employees. Guests are encouraged to come masked and socially distance from others to ensure everyone’s enjoyment and safety.  

Beech Creek’s Spooky Science event is open one last time this weekendTickets are $10 per person, $7 for members, and children ages two and under are admitted for free. For more information, visit www.beechcreekgardens.org. 

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