Members of the campus community are showing their creative sides by finding ways to celebrate the spirit of Halloween in a safe, precautious, and fun manner.  

The Residential Assistants of several of the campus residential halls have been hosting physically distanced and educational Halloween events over the past week. On Thursday, October 22, in McMaster Hall, the freshmen all-girls dormitory, the RAs hosted a physically distanced trick – or – treat experience throughout the halls, where the girls dressed up (with masks to match their costumes) and went door to door exchanging candy with their neighbors. All of the residents were paid a visit by the RAs at the end of the night, who treated them with popcorn and educational pamphlets on intercourse safety.  

Junior Peyton Zamarelli was one of the RAs that helped plan and put together the event.  

“Since social distancing is a crucial part of campus right now, having the girls drop by and door to door, and staying in our rooms rather than hosting a big Halloween party in the lobby is much safer and more effective for people to meet one another,” Zamarelli said. “I felt the outcome was very successful, and a lot of people got in the Halloween spirit by decorating their hallways, dressing up, and leaving candy outside of their doors.” 

The Honors Program also gave members of the organization a chance to show off their Halloween spirit. On Thursday, October 29, members of the group met at the local Nature Center for smores around the fire and a competitive costume contest between the three honors first-year seminars.  

It can be challenging to celebrate the spooky season without taking a view at one of the numerous Halloween films that have been produced over the years. On Friday, October 30, a showing of Disney’s iconic Hocus Pocus took place in the Hoover Price Campus Center. While it was a gathering, limited seating was enforced to accommodate for physical distancing.  

These events are a few out of several events that have taken place on campus, that were hosted by residential halls, academic organizations, special interest groups, Greek – Life, and simply the general population of Mount Union. The COVID – 19 pandemic may have tampered with occasions all throughout the year of 2020. However, members of the campus community have proven that it is possible to have safe and mindful fun beyond the access codes of Zoom calls.  

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